De Geluidsarchitect: nieuwe uitzending online!

Beluister hier de laatste uitzending (27 maart 2012)

Flying Horseman – Back where I Started (Twist)
Glorie – Looking through the Mirror (Glorie)
Manngold – IND
The Samuel Jackson Five – Race to the Self-Destruct Button (The Samuel Jackon Five)
Sweek – Things Are Bigger then They Appear (The Shooting Star’s Sigh)
Kasan – The Battling Eels of Antibes (Drown)
Peter Kernel – The Peaceful (White Death Black Heart)
White Hills – Pads of Light (Frying on This Rock)
Helmet – In the Meantime (Meantime)
Unsane – No Chance (Wreck)

De Geluidsarchitect: herbeluister de Dunk!festival-special

The Samuel Jackson Five – Never-Ending Now (The Samuel Jackon Five)
Late Night Venture – Birmingham (Birmingham 7”)
If These Trees Could Talk – They Speak with Knives (Red Forest)
Pelican – Lathe Biosas (Ataraxia / Taraxis)
Stories from the Lost – Plains Runner (For Clouds)
Steak Number Eight – Black Fall (All Is Chaos)
Lento – Need (Earthen)