De Geluidsarchitect: herbeluister de Dunk!festival-special

The Samuel Jackson Five – Never-Ending Now (The Samuel Jackon Five)
Late Night Venture – Birmingham (Birmingham 7”)
If These Trees Could Talk – They Speak with Knives (Red Forest)
Pelican – Lathe Biosas (Ataraxia / Taraxis)
Stories from the Lost – Plains Runner (For Clouds)
Steak Number Eight – Black Fall (All Is Chaos)
Lento – Need (Earthen)

Combitickets Dunk!-festival te winnen in De Geluidsarchitect

Dinsdag 20 maart (20u): special Dunk!-festival

>>> exclusieve nieuwe releases van groepen op de affiche
>>> interview met de programmatoren
>>> interview met Stories from the Lost
>>> combitickets (3 dagen) voor Dunk!festival te winnen

Uitzending van 13 maart online!


Tortoise – Glass Museum (Millions Now Living Will Never Die)
Stad van Licht – Avalon (The Celestial Fish EP)
PJ Harvey – Angelene ( Is This Desire)
Flying Horseman – Back where I Started (Twist)
Karate – Sing (Cancel / Sing EP)
The Samuel Jackson Five – Radio Gagarin (The Samuel Jackon Five)
Bark Psychosis – Manman (Manman EP)
New Bleeders – Double Amputee (New Bleeders)
The Men – Turn It around (Open Your Heart)
White Hills – Song of Everything (Frying on This Rock)