In Extremes

Since RuE9 decided to set things in anonther angle on this season's netwaves.bpm we present you two hours of mixes made by netlabelists other than the common netwaves.bpm residents.
We'll keep it it little bit around us though!

The first hour a mix that come sfrom the 
Stratospherik netlabel, one of RuE9's first loves, were we selected one hour from Stratoliner. Stratospherik does mostly commercial releases the latest time but the stuff that is brought tonight dates from the 'netlabel-erra'.

The second hour is dedicadet to our neighbours from Louvain-La-Neuve, 

Kopp netlabel! The set is an extreme contrast with the first hour and that makes ik exiting! Kopp is mostly ambient, dark ambient, noise, scapes…

Enjoy the night!