Club 106 presents STEPHEN BROWN & DJ BONE’s live interview !!

Thursday evening …

DJ BONE in the studio's giving a LIVE interview for all of you … To get in touch with the man behind Subject Detroit & Bookrealdjs agency…

Cath DJ BONE friday 01/04 for an insane night of Motorcitysounds in JK Paddestoel !!!

Guestmix will be a "pre-recorded" live performance by our dear Mr. "Stephen Brown" know from releases on Transmat, Djax, Subject Detroit and MANY OTHERS ..

Looking forward to this myself !!

Spread the word please !!!??? This is going to be hot !!

Thanks in advance and wave you 2morrow …

22pm gmt+1 untill 01am gmt+1

hosted and introduced by Klaina & Trish Van Eynde