East meets west

We will open with a nice set from RuE9, who will continue the Stadtgruen story of last week. This mix is of their sublabel "Culture" and will speed things up a little bit. Once we're cruising, Dj Wout from the Netherlands will take over. His mix of several labels like Morning Tools, Vekton, Rawmatroid and some others will lounge us into the night.

Honour to Stadtgruen | Nature

For the second hour xtatic digged deep in his virtual bags to honour the German netlabel Stadtgruen. The people behind the label decided to stop activities after a 2,5yr period of hibernation…
Between january 2004 and may 2008 they brought the world 45 releases spread over the subs 'Nature' and 'Culture'
RuE9 selected the more chilly, housy ones from 'Nature'
Ofcourse the releases stay available on their site (for now) and on 'archive' (forever!). Playlist can be found here…

Greetz in Beatz,

Ужин с Болдуином в Екатеринбурге | Dinner with baldwin in Yekaterinburg

Tonight netwaves.bpm serves between 23hr and 00hr a plate of welbalanced ingredients as there are tech and house. baldwin digged them out of his Russian deep-x garden and more specific between rows 80 and 137 of 147!
Playlist can be found here…
Greetz in Beatz,

netwaves.bpm: Stadt|Gruen – Culture|Nature – Tech|Chill

How different but also connected!
Culture & Nature

A retrospective trough the 2 chapters of the hamburg-based netlabel Stadtgruen,
The first chapter, Culture is a story about twisted techno and impressions from Motorcity, The chapter Nature brings the deepest ambient and contemporary grooves.

From 23hr-00hr: The 'Culture' story, put-on your dancing shoes and we'll make you sweat!
From 00hr-01hr: A trip through 'Nature', put away your dancing shoes and chill…

Enjoy Stadtgruen! (http://www.stadtgruenlabel.net)