From Croatia to Belgium

Morgen brengt Club 106 voor jullie een guest-set van Examine (Croatia), waarvan je hieronder meer info krijgt! Verder natuurlijk onze selectie nieuwe plaatjes en een set van Raphael Klaps.

Luisteren maar!!!

"Creativity is useless if it's no fun"; simple thought that keeps young Zagreb based producer Examine floating on machines, waveforms and virtual instruments for years now. Focused on dancefloor music consumers as much as home listeners, his sound is marked by the words "deep" "tech" "dub" "danceable" and is lead only by his raw feeling of determining good. His career as a composer didn't start so… long ago, it took years for his sound to evolve to the point where no boundaries are set and no stereotypes are folowed, only thing that matters is how will the music sound and what message will it bring to it's consumers. "Regardless of the club experience as a dancer/behind the decks or some other non-music thing, there is always a part of that single moments during which your heart stop for a moment, eyes close, brain freeze and take a snapshot for day after or even a lifetime. I want to recreate that moments in my unique way, want to expeience that feelings again. That's my music."