East meets west

We will open with a nice set from RuE9, who will continue the Stadtgruen story of last week. This mix is of their sublabel "Culture" and will speed things up a little bit. Once we're cruising, Dj Wout from the Netherlands will take over. His mix of several labels like Morning Tools, Vekton, Rawmatroid and some others will lounge us into the night.

The Maas-Dijle connection!

2Night netwaves.bpm draws a line from Maastricht to Leuven!
The Maastricht-based Dj Wout (http://www.mixotic.net/dj-booking-online/73/wout-ambient-techno-progressive-trance) will introduce you in his musical mind, inspired by travelings or special occasions in his life.
He shares mixes on mixotic now and then and made a special for netwaves.bpm!
At the end of the week it will be released in our own netwaves.bpm-collection on archive.org (more info soon…)

The first our of the new day RuE9 smacks fresh (and less fresh) netaudiobeats to your ears! Beware! Shake that booty!