In Extremes

Since RuE9 decided to set things in anonther angle on this season's netwaves.bpm we present you two hours of mixes made by netlabelists other than the common netwaves.bpm residents.
We'll keep it it little bit around us though!

The first hour a mix that come sfrom the 
Stratospherik netlabel, one of RuE9's first loves, were we selected one hour from Stratoliner. Stratospherik does mostly commercial releases the latest time but the stuff that is brought tonight dates from the 'netlabel-erra'.

The second hour is dedicadet to our neighbours from Louvain-La-Neuve, 

Kopp netlabel! The set is an extreme contrast with the first hour and that makes ik exiting! Kopp is mostly ambient, dark ambient, noise, scapes…

Enjoy the night!

In search for Cold… we found Warmth…

RuE9 searched for the sourcecode of the Cold…
We went east…
We found Warmth…
From the womb of the Vilnius-based community 'techstylism' a beauty of a label was born in march '05: *Knobs
This netlabel is based on concept of 4×4 wide-range techno. Knobs is not a parody of traditional vinyl or cd releasing record companies, it is just our adaptation to development of informational technologies nowadays. No EP's or LP's, no dumb vinyl covers or cd layouts, no unnecessary praises for every release, just quality, exclusive and extraordinary electronic music. Releases 320kbps MP3 quality since KNOB008.

Enjoy the warmth…

Broque-Special | A Retrospective of the last two years

Yes, tonight 's the night!
The long awaited Broque-Special!
RuE9 presents a Retrospective of the last two years of Broque-releases.
Between 22hr and 23hr you get some nice, more chilly tunes, accompanied by some blabla…
Between 23hr an 01hr Uptempo mix By RuE9… All Broque…
Enjoy and check-out the Broque-site for great music!


Melting Pot 43: Mark Broom @ Fuse Replay (01-06-2011)

Het is weer bijna zo ver: Fuse opent 10 november zijn deuren voor een nieuwe Replay editie!

Wat te verwachten? De beste selectie Old Skool Techno van tussen de jaren 94 & 99!

Om je in deze koude dagen warm te krijgen voor dit alles, laten we een opname van die eerste (nu al legendarische) editie op je los. Mixmeester van dienst: MARK BROOM!

Je kan de volledige set herbeluisteren & downloaden op de indrukwekkende soundcloud-pagina van Elektropedia, een initiatief van vliegende stieren die een plakkerig goedje brouwen!

Earl Grace (Zukunft) op bezoek!

Club 106 krijgt deze week terug schoon volk over de vloer 🙂
Ditmaal is Earl Grace, resident bij de Brusselse crew "Zukunft", te gast om ons meer te vertellen over haar visie op de party-wereld & uiteraard om ons te verrassen met fantastische beats!
Uiteraard krijg je ook onze selectie nieuwe plaatjes & een resident set van Spastik.
Afstemmen dus vanaf 22u op uw favoriete radio!


inoQuo is the project born at 2005 in Barcelona whose spirit is to be a platform to let know new talents around the world, dedicating mainly to electronic abstraction and minimal techno. They share all their releases for free download using Creative Commons licenses and make a collaboration network between artists from different disciplines.
Antiritmo is a Spanish project born in 2006 whose main intention is to promote and distribute the work of new artists without any economic or commercial purpose.
Enjoy! RuE9

bpm’s Live studio set

2night, for the first time since about two years, the RuE9 dj's return to their nest. You can hear them perform live from the Scorpio studio, and they will do so till an hour after midnight. Sit back and relax, or place a litlle dance, as they say in flat Leuvens…
Rock it!!!!