Melting Pot 01: Sickboy

The tradition of combining perversity and playfulness into a true soundclash has never left post-modern music alone, acting as culture vultures ramping their way through carcasses of crispy produced megabits to vigour sampling of smirky headlines. Sickboy has more than upped the ante with this hairsplitting slab of digitized breakestral chaos, never suggesting melodies or functional rhythms it draws from but juggling without remorse on the dividing line between acceptability and grimy flavoured cynism. Crucially it's not the neglect of human consciousness, it 's the utter impulsive sheer excitement that blends in with a deliberate throwback of mostorted needle-sharping. Imagine a dedicated Manowar maniac with the 'wimps & posers leave the hall' principle, incarnated in a sparkling aural torturous display of mashed-up breakbeat galore. Gonna clear rooms quicker than a megaton fire alert with music that'll stir up any godforsaken industrial pigeonhole with a whirlwind…

Not only has Sickboy become one of the best recognized names in breakcore all over Europe, but he keeps improving his production by big steps with every releases. Following the "Musical Therapy" breakthrough from his noisy and dark past, "Times Infinity" speeds things again, and see this musician present a much more up-beat, party-oriented and mashed-up album, in which he evens uses some 8bits or old school breaks influences. A hard-as-concrete but definitely joyful and colorful great breakcore album. The force is strong with this one.

While Sickboy has made a name for himself with noisy, aggressive, and not-so-serious breakcore, this new album sees him taking a big step forward. Rather than throwing in your face a wall of breaks and noise, Sickboy's "Musical Therapy" slows things down, add quite a lot of melodies and sample, resulting in something which is somewhat reminiscent of of Kid606's "Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You". Less clich?, more mature, accessible and catchy than before, here's in my opinion the best Sickboy material so far. Recommended.

Sickboy's exhilarating, enthusiastic and insane-as-ever fifth full length album features this musician's most infectious, catchiest and most efficient material. While the noise might be gone for good, Sickboy's new clothes are of the colourful party kind. Mixing old school rave, new school electro, breaks and madness, Sickboy hits the nail on its head and invites everybody to play, rave and party non-stop. Refreshing!

Vrijkaarten ‘Village Of Sounds, 25/11 Rumba, Leuven’

Club 106 mag 5 luisteraars gelukkig maken en gratis naar 'Village of Sounds' sturen!  Village Of Sounds is een quality party waar House & Techno hand in hand gaan en de crowd helemaal crazy laten worden 🙂
Dj's van dienst zijn: Collogne, Feys, Hunt, Lady Lektrix, Pilsner, Poldoore (live), San Soda (We Play House Recordings) & Spastik!
Luisteren dus naar onze uitzending op 18 november & bellen natuurlijk!!!

A-lijst oktober

De A-lijst is Radio Scorpio’s eigenzinnige selectie vijfsterrenplaten van het moment, maandelijks ververst en drie keer daags toegediend via de onnavolgbare nonstoplijst. Hier is de verse lijst van oktober:

Black Mountain – Old Fangs
Blank Dogs – Goes by
Brother Raven – Happy Astronaut
Das Racist (Feat. Lakutis & Keepaway) – Amazing
Deerhunter – Helicopter
Domo Genesis (Feat. Tyler, The Creator) – Rolling Papers
Dorian Concept – Her Tears Taste Like Pears
Drums Are for Parades – The Law
Flying Lotus – Physics For Everyone!
I Like Trains – Sea of Regrets
LV & Okmalumkoolkat – Boomslang
Maserati – Pyramid of the Moon
Mice Parade – In Between Times
No Age – Fever Dreaming
Owen Pallett – Scandal At The Parkade
Parlour – Simulacrenfield
Salem – King Night
Three Mile Pilot – Same Mistake
The Walkmen – While I Shovel the Snow
World’s End Girlfriend – Les Enfants du Paradis

Radio Scorpio. Ignoring the hit parade since 1979.

Top 15 van 2009

1. Russian Circles – Geneva
2. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Century of Self
3. Scraps of Tape – Grand Letdown
4. Tomàn – Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear
5. Kong – What It Seems Is what You Get
6. Up-C Down-C – Firewolf
7. Part Chimp – Thriller
8. The Paper Chase – Someday This Could All Be Yours (Vol. 1)
9. Apse – Climb up
10. From Monument to Masses – On Little Known Frequencies
11. Tristeza – Fate Unfolds
12. Irepress – Sol Eye Sea I
13. Isis – Wavering Radiant
14. Zu – Carboniferous
15. The Mercury Program – Chez Viking

Top 15 van 2008

1. September Malevolence – After this Darkness, There's a Next
2. Russian Circles – Station
3. The Samuel Jackson Five – Goodbye Melody Mountain
4. Vessels – White Fields and Open Devices
5. The Photographic – Pictures of a Changing World
6. Aucan – Aucan
7. Transit – Whitewater
8. Motek – Port Sunshine
9. All the Saints – Fire on Corridor X
10. Torche – Meanderthal
11. Young Widows – Old Wounds
12. God Is an Astronaut – God Is an Astronaut
13. Unwed Sailor – Little Wars
14. Daturah – Reverie
15. Bulbul – Bulbul 6

Top 15 van 2007

1. Scraps of Tape – This Is A Copy Is This A Copy
2. Grails – Burning Off Impurities
3. Maserati – Inventions For The New Season
4. Shels – Sea Of The Dying Dhow
5. I Like Trains – Elegies To Lessons Learnt
6. Hurtmold – Mestro
7. 65 Days of Static – The Destruction Of Small Ideas
8. Neurosis – Given To The Rising
9. Piano Magic – Part Monster
10. If These Trees Could Talk – If These Trees Could Talk
11. Explosions in the Sky – All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
12. Do Make Say Think – You, You're a History in Rust
13. SDNMT – The Goal Is to Make the Animals Happy
14. Caspian – The Four Trees
15. God Is an Astronaut – Far From Refuge

Top 15 van 2006

1. Isis – In the Absence of Truth
2. Tone– Solidarity
3. Envy – Insomniac Doze
4. Red Sparowes – Every Red Heart Shines toward the Red Sun
5. Lower Forty-Eight – Apertures
6. Don Caballero – World Class Listening Problem
7. Motek – Motek
8. Battles – EPC / B EP
9. Enablers – Output Negative Space
10. We vs Death – We too Are Concerned / We Are too Concerned
11. Cougar – Law
12. Mogwai – Mr. Beast
13. I Like Trains – Progress – Reform
14. Gregor Samsa – 55:12
15. Couch – Figur 5

Top 15 van 2005

1. 65 Days of Static – The Fall of Math
3. Dreamend – As if by Ghosts
4. Tristeza – A Colores
5. Shipping News – Flies the Fields
6. 65 Days of Static – One Time for All Time
7. Arab Strap – The Last Romance
8. Scraps of Tape – Read between the Lines at All Times
9. Red Sparowes – At the Soundless Dawn
10. Pelican – The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
11. Sweek – The Unbelievable Cinematic Crash
12. Kinski – Alpine Static
13. Sennen – Widows
14. Hrsta – Stem Stem in Electro
15. Camping – Dancing Days