Oh Oh Studentiko

Elke maandag van 23 tot 24u zou elke Leuvense student moeten afstemmen op Oh Oh Studentiko. Elke week laten we je een verslag horen van het feestje van de week, bespreken we het allerbelangrijkste niet-relevante studentennieuws en draaien we tussendoor de beste studentikoze muziek (lees: van jeugdsentiment tot ongegeneerde stampmuziek)!

De matige moppen krijgt u er gratis bovenop!


Kontakte heeft twee doelstellingen: aan de ene kant willen we de rijke klankwereld van de hedendaagse “klassieke” muziek via Radio Scorpio bij een groter publiek brengen; aan de andere kant willen we de relatie blootleggen tussen deze muziek en experimentele genres uit de “populaire” muziek, om zo duidelijk te maken dat kloof tussen beide anno 2011 niet meer vol te houden is op puur muzikaal vlak, maar hoe langer hoe meer een sociologische kwestie is.


Of met andere woorden: Kontakte wil op twee manieren “contact” leggen: contact tussen de luisteraar van Radio Scorpio en de hedendaagse kunstmuziek én contact tussen de hedendaagse kunstmuziek en experimentele genres uit de populaire muziek.


Om die punten van contact te ontdekken, diepen we iedere week één thema uit waaruit gemeenschappelijke kenmerken en wederzijdse beïnvloeding naar voren komen. Die thema’s kunnen gaan van heel specifieke compositietechnieken, over bepaalde componisten of bands, tot heel concrete zaken, zoals bepaalde emoties of instrumenten.



Heb jij je favoriete Scorpio-medewerker altijd al eens aan het werk willen zien? Wil je horen wat de organisatoren en artiesten over hun projecten te vertellen hebben? Heb je nood aan concrete Kulturama-tips en reviews?
Dat alles kan deze week tijdens Kulturama! Radio Scorpio covert immers het hele evenement en zendt alles live uit vanuit bibliotheek Tweebronnen gedurende het hele evenement.
Luisteren kan via 106fm, de website of natuurlijk ook gewoon in de bibliotheek! Ook herbeluisteren zal mogelijk zijn via de bibliotheek!
Helemaal gratis uiteraard!
Donderdag 17/02: 12.00-20.00
Vrijdag 18/02: 10.00-18.00
Zaterdag 19/02: 10.00-17.00
Zondag 20/02: 13.00-18.00

One Hour

Nieuw uur, nieuwe dag, nieuwe sidekick!
Elke donderdagavond tussen 21u en 22u breng ik u samen met Brian een eclectische bouillabaisse van hip-hop-gerelateerde pareltjes. Alle ingrediënten grenzen op de een of andere manier wel aan de hip-hop (cultus), maar we zien dit enkel maar als springplank. Dapper en gewapend met een open geest en open oren, springen we voor jullie vér buiten het territorium van 'bling-bling' en 'piddy-diddy'!

Tune in & have fun!!

(her)beluister alle episodes op www.mixcloud.com/onehour

World Scorpio

World Scorpio is Radio Scorpio's connection with the rest of the World! The programme has been on the air since 2001 and has since then forever been a constant source of entertainment: as Leuven's only English spoken radio show World Scorpio targets an international audience with a wide variety of topics, ranging from the latest News and Sports to movies, going out, etc. You should not be surprised to learn that the show has always been made by international presenters themselves coming from every distant place in the world, from Malawi and Argentina to Canada! With this blend of cultures World Scorpio tries to widen the view of its listeners, offer a good radio show and entertain with different genres of music, but above all let the true meaning of its name 'World Scorpio' come alive!!!

From time to time a few interviews feature at World Scorpio with personalities ranging from Belgium's athletics hero Kim Gevaert to international star dj Armin Van Buuren, or Brazil's football coach Carlos Dunga, etc. Keep an eye on that!!

Don't forget World Scorpio = Premier League and Cricket first!
World Cup coming up!


producer: Kunti Samindra
coproducer: Kingsley Manga
sports journalist: Lameck Fiwa
sports journalist: Kunti Siddhartha
politics: Bram Dehaene
entertainment: Quinten Seghers
general news: Sang Xuan


19/10/08: World Scorpio is proud to announce that its former member and gifted presentator Mark Henry Rubarenzya, currently working in Australia, last May won the Visiting International Fellowship(VIF) Award of the prestigious American Society of Civil Engineers. Wow! Many congratulations, Mark!

27/12/08: World Scorpio wishes everyone a merry Christmas and an excellent and prosperous New Year with all the best in 2009!!!

17/10/09: World Scorpio is happy to inform our listeners that as off today you will be able to tune in to the show online, just click on 'live stream' at the top of the page to enjoy world scorpio online.

22/10/09: World Scorpio wishes Arsène Wenger a happy 60th birthday!!

04/12/09: the website of World Scorpio and Radio Scorpio has moved, you can not find us anymore at .com but Radio Scorpio has switched the domain name to .be >>> www.radioscorpio.be

04/12/09: the final draw for the 2010 FIFA football world cup took place today in Cape Town, South Africa. The draw was shown in over 200 different countries to a worldwide audience of about 200 million football fans. After the colourful and spectacular show full of music and dance it was time for the draw itself which was led by FIFA general-secretary Jerome Valcke. Group G has been labeled as the group of death with Brazil, Korea DPR, Portugal and Ivory Coast. Extensive debate about the draw during the world scorpio of December 5th.



Joseph Blatter has been the president of FIFA since 1998 when he succeeded dr. João Havelange as the most powerful person in the world of sport. Under Blatter's reign football has seen an increasing tendency towards globalisation, which is in line with the policy of the former president Dr. João Havelange. One of Mr. Blatter greatste achievements, according to himself, is giving Africa, and more in particular South Africa, the chance of hosting the world's biggest sport event, next to the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup, in 2010. World Scorpio had the chance to speak exclusively to Mr. Blatter about his vision on the "beautiful game".

1.What is your personal relationship to football?

I have faith in football and in what football can move in our world. You see, the FIFA World Cup has become the ultimate expression through which the worldwide family of football unites in celebration of the beautiful game. It brings people together regardless of any differences of background and teaches us many important lessons in life. That is the power of football.

I feel so much concerned by the ever-growing negative consequences of the globalisation of football. This is my combat! I stand by the principle of solidarity and put a strong focus restoring the balance between finance and sport. That's why FIFA is reinvesting nearly 70 percent of its revenues to the development of the game worldwide through the Financial Assistance Programme, educational programmes and valuable projects such as the Goal Programme.

2. How has football in general evolved over the years and has it for the worse or the better?

Football game has transcended its beginnings as a purely "sporting" event to become a social and cultural phenomenon, and for instance the Wolrd Cup has firmly established itself as one of the premier events on the planet. The economic success of the FIFA World Cup provides the FIFA administration with the tools needed to pursue its quest to make the world a better place through football. This is, of course, not only in direct financial terms but also through the enormous positive publicity that comes along with it. It has also allowed FIFA to initiate important partnerships with organisations such as the UN and its different bodies and agencies, as well as with other important non-governmental organizations. I'm convinced that football can help make the world a better place, now, and long into the future.

3. You tend to stress that football has a social responsability. Do you really believe that football or an institution such as FIFA can make a difference?

Through its universality, the FIFA World Cup represents a magnificent opportunity to use its unifying power to combat social ills and to promote the positive values associated with the game of football – sportsmanship, friendship, hope, emotion, solidarity and more. The united football family plays its part in encouraging social and educational development through the dazzling spectacle of football, while also contributing actively to a global message. Two people of divergent language, culture and history may, in any other context, see nothing but the gap that divides them. Put them in the context of football and that gap disappears. This is particularly relevant as development is not just about developing the sport, but rather is about investing in people and society as a whole, contributing to social and cultural progress.

4. World Scorpio admires the Brazilian team that won the 1970 world cup in Mexico, what are your memories from this team and do you agree that this was the best team ever?

The first World Cup I actively attended with the FIFA was in 1978 in Buenos Aires. But I remember that in 1970 Pelé returned after vowing never to play in another FIFA World Cup and Brazil won the Jules Rimet trophy outright with a near-perfect team including Clodoaldo, Gerson, Rivelino, Tostao, Jairzinho, Pelé and Carlos Alberto. I remember well the final at Mexico City's Aztec Stadium, Brazil dazzled and danced to a memorable 4-1 win over Italy with Jairzinho becoming the only player to have scored in every match.

5. If you had to create one new rule in the laws of the game, which on would that be?
The laws of the games are perfect. But I'm convinced that the referees has to get a professional status, so they will have a better recognition.

6. What do you exspect of the SA2010 world cup?

In a world which is full of violence and natural disasters, I hope that the World Cup can unite us all as in Germany, regardless of our origin, religion or nationality, with the passion and emotion that football provides. For 31 days the whole world was focused on the World Cup in Germany and will be again in 2010 in South Africa. The TV audiences were higher than ever, the official website FIFAWorldCup.com had a record number of visitors, and everyone everywhere was talking about the competition. I think that Germany gave an example and I hope South Africa will follow it.

I am absolutely convinced that the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa will be at least of the same quality and standard as the previous ones, if not better. When I proposed Africa as the organiser of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, I did so not only out of a sense of justice towards the African continent, which has given so much to world football, but also because I'm convinced of the capacity of the African people to organise such a high-standard event like the FIFA World Cup.

Finally, in the build up to 2010, one of our goals will be to ensure that the whole African continent will benefit from the tournament in South Africa. For this reason, I proposed the "Win in Africa with Africa" project, which was approved by the FIFA Congress in Munich and which will allow to implement several measures in order to leave a long lasting legacy in African football.

7. You have now been working for FIFA for 31 years,how do you reflect upon this time and what drives you on? What would you still like to achieve as current president and, if elected as president from 2007onwards?

What I can say is that, during the first eight years as FIFA President, my motto and my aim has been to 'make the game better, take it to the world, and make the world a better place'. I think we have come a long way in this direction, and that football is now the most universal of sports, but we still have a lot of work to do. The vast majority of our income is devoted to football development in our member associations, and this will be the case in the coming years as well.

I am convinced that the values of football can provide a "school of life" and contribute in bringing about human development, world peace and tolerance. In order to put this into practice and to attempt to 'make the world a better place', I proposed during the recent FIFA Congress in Munich to adopt a new slogan for the coming years: "Develop the game, touch the world, build a better future", which we intend to implement through our alliance in concrete projects with organisations such as Unicef and SOS Children Villages.


Ricky Ponting is the current captain of Team Cricket Australia -in ODI's, Twenty20 and Test Cricket. He is a specialist right-handed batsman, slips and close catching fielder, as well as a very occasional right-arm medium pace bowler. Ponting has scored more then 10000 runs in the ODI and Test format of the game. Not shy of controversy, Ponting has been captaining the Australian Test team, which has been dominating the world scene for a decade, since 2004. With the recent raise of Twenty20 cricket and India together with South Africa closing in on the Australians, Ponting's captaincy is constantly subject of intense debate. World Scorpio had the chance to speak exclusively to Ricky Ponting.

1.On his roots in Tasmania and the connection with cricket:

Growing up in Tasmania , everyone was sports mad with Australian football in winter and cricket in summer. After sustaining a serious football injury I had no hesitation in concentrating solely on my cricket

2. On preventing complacency in the world's best team:

With such a small number of people playing cricket for Australia in the history of the game, so each player understands how special it is

3. On motivating younger members of the team, who have to replace star players:

It is really about appreciating the past but always looking towards the future

4. On picking the highlight of his career sofar:

Regaining the Ashes in 2006/07 was an amazing feeling. Playing in three World Cup winning teams also rates highly for me

5. On picking the best batsmen of his generation:

I have been lucky enough to play in an era with some of the best Test batsmen to ever play and I don’t think I could name just one

6. On the second test of the Ashers 2005:

In such a close series it is hard to say there was one defining turning point

7. On the key to success as a batsman:

Adapting to the conditions and watching the ball all the time are two of the most important things to concentrate on

8. On picking one Indian player for the Australian team, if given the chance:

Again, I don’t think I could name just one

9. On Twenty20:

The Twenty20 game has gained popularity seemingly overnight and the support it gets is amazing. The Twenty20 World Cup was a great experience

10. On India's controversial tour of Australia in 2008:

The Test and ODI series against India was very hard fought and, looking back, was of an extremely high standard also

11. On the IPL:

The IPL is a great way for players from all over the world to come together

12. On an IPL window and a probably demise of test cricket:

a) An IPL window is something to consider to ensure that both could work together on the cricketing calendar
b) As One-day cricket enhanced the standard of Test cricket there is no reason why Twenty20 can't do the same for both One-day and Test cricket


Other interviews have featured at World Scorpio, unfortunately these sound fragments are not available online. Below a sample of personalities who have featured in our show:



The world has been waiting…and nearly the wait will be over: The FIFA World Cup is on our doorsteps once more. June 11th will see host nation South Africa take on Mexico at the Soccer City stadium in Jnb in the opening game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup as the biggest event in world sport will kick off and dominate this planet for one month in which high drama and passion will be seen, but which above all will be a big and colourful party. Ke nako – it is nearly time!

World Scorpio will bring extensive coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Keep an eye on the website for the latest news from South Africa and special broadcasts. In the mean time do not forget to visit: www.fifa.com

24/04/2010: Tune in for an exclusive interview with the CEO of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Dr. DANNY JORDAAN. Dr. Jordaan has been the driving force between South Africa's bid to host the World Cup and is now also the head of local organising committee. For an incredible 16 years he has been telling the world over and over that South Africa can deliver a perfect world cup. The road to the world cup has been one of "perception and reality". Tune in to find out more!

01/05/2010: Tune in for an exclusive interview with the press officer of the Brazilian national team, who is believed to be the most influential person in the CBF next to the president Ricardo Texeira. RODRIGO PAIVA has been with the Brazilian team for nearly a decade and during the interview he talks about his experiences being part of what is without a doubt Brazil's most potent export product and symbol – the national football team, admired across the globe for their unique style of play and gifted players. Brazil will head off to South Africa May 27, whereas Dunga will announce his final squad May 11.


http://www.arsenal.com  : official website of Arsenal FC
http://www.brentfordfc.co.uk : official website of Brentford FC
http://www.cbf.com.br : official website of the Brazilian FA
http://www.sambafoot.com/en : latest football news from Brazil
http://www.worldfootballinsider.com : football politics
http://www.transparencyinsport.org : website from Andrew Jennings
http://www.worldsoccer.com : the famous football magazine
http://www.voetbalcentraal.nl : latest football news (Dutch)

http://www.boudeweel.be : Belgian sportsjournalist (Dutch)

http://www.lords.org : the home of cricket online
www.ecb.co.uk : official website of the England and Wales cricket board
www.bcci.tv : official website of the board of cricket control for India
www.leuvencc.be : official website of Leuven cricket club
www.cricketessex.org.uk  : official website of Essex cricket club






DJ's NOXYS, OSWALD MORIS en PUKAZ serveren jullie een smakelijke hutsepot van alles wat baslijnen en amenbreaks als ingredienten heeft.

Verwacht je aan de onderbuik van de drum & bass: 

want daar waar het genre hoge toppen scheert op die andere, 'geprogrammeerd-in-moeders-auto', radiostations dragen wij trots Scorpio's vlag richting de diepe en donkere selectie uit de cataloog.

Het geheel wordt op smaak gebracht met zeer pittige interviews, goed gekruide mixen, perfect gebakken gasten, lekker afgeroomde promo en als dessert… GRATIS tickets voor de vettigste feesten uit de streek!


SPECTdRUM: elke vrijdagavond van 22 tot 23uur, in Leuven te ontvangen op de radio (106 FM) en wereldwijd te STREAMEN!


  • Signaal/Ruis is sinds oktober 2010 een muziekprogramma, elke vrijdagavond van 20u00 tot 21u00 rechtstreeks te beluisteren op Radio Scorpio 106FM in Leuven en online op Radio Scorpio.
  • Dit programma probeert een brug te leggen tussen breekbare en rudimentaire gitaarmuziek.
  • (ver)nieuwe(nde) muziek en classics.
  • Onze website.
  • Dit programma is ook te herbeluisteren via MIXCLOUD, volg ons: http://www.mixcloud.com/SignaalRuis.
  • SIGNAAL –> slow, folk, singer/songwriter, indie, postpunk, mathrock, noise –> RUIS
  • Voor meer info mail je naar: signaalruis at radioscorpio . be


 => => =>  http://www.mixcloud.com/SignaalRuis/ <= <= <= 


Plug In

Opgelet: Dit programma is niet meer actief, deze pagina wordt bijgevolg niet meer onderhouden.


Het programma

Plug in, de ideale afsluiter van een drukke week. Wim Hambrouck, Jeroen Maris en Maarten Coosemans brengen u Leuven op een stokje, of liever…door de ether. Enkele vaste rubrieken komen elke week aan bod, zoals 'de klachtbrief naar een bedrijf om gratis spul vast te krijgen' en de '5 minutes of fame', waarin een luisteraar de kans krijgt zijn of haar ding te doen op de radio. Heb je een interessant verhaal, of wil je absoluut iets kwijt? Bel tijdens uitzending naar de studio: 016/32 03 36 of mail plugin@radioscorpio.be. Tot vrijdag, tussen 19 en 20 op Radio Scorpio!

5 Minutes of fame

Zelf geïnteresseerd in vijf minuten faam en glorie op de radio? Plug in maakt uw dromen waar! Is uw kat verloren en moeten wij dat omroepen, hebt u een gedicht geschreven of had u altijd al uw eigen radioprogramma willen hebben? Wij lenen u onze studio en minimum 5 minuten van onze zendtijd, zomaar, gratis. Bel 0494/88.66.17 of mail plugin@radioscorpio.be


We starten altijd met een vergeten 80's hit. Waarom? Gewoon, omdat we dat doen en mogelijk ook omdat we lijden aan een terminale vorm van slechte smaak. De rest hangt af van het gemoed en de inspiratie van de presentator.


Het slechtste uit één seizoen Plug In. Voorlopig nog niet zo rijkelijk gevuld, dra meer hier!

Verkiezingen 2010

Wim en Maarten maken een korte schets van het politieke landschap een week voor de verkiezingen.Verkiezingen @ Plug In by PlugIn

Plug In Live @ Hoeilaart

In een speciale editie nodigt Maarten ons uit in zijn thuisstad Hoeilaart voor een fascinerende en hoogst educatieve rondleiding.Plugin #25 (Hoeilaart) by PlugIn

Lijn 2

Wiebe en Wim op zoek naar de waarheid achter buslijn 2.Lijn 2 by PlugIn



Every mondaynight the Dj Ulterior,  Inch by Inch & Ivory Sound bring you the latest in Dancehall, Reggae, Hiphop, …
From opening for major artists as Mavado & Munga, Don Carlos and festivals like Reggae Geel to party sets in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and numerous concepts in Belgium these dj's will definetly bring you a top notch radioshow!

Bad 2di Bone is also the name of a concept wich takes place every wednesday at Apero, Oude Markt 52, 3000 Leuven.
From 10pm till 5am you can enjoy the best jamaican and urban music mixed by Dj Ulterior, Inch by Inch & guests.