slow foot

new episode of netwaves: [nws208] netwaves 6.16: slow foot

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midwinter beats

new episode of netwaves: [nws206] netwaves 6.14: midwinter beats

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new episode of netwaves: [nws205] netwaves 6.13: newyearwaves
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Countdown to expression

This week we're doing the countdown to our celebrationparty!
We're trowing a party to celebrate 5 yrs netwaves, 200 episodes and 25 yrs vzw MUP (our flagship!)
The party will feature, besides the residents embe, jspr, RuE9 & Indip, two livesets from Liquidbass and Dektro
To tease all of you all we start with a 45min set from Liquidbass followed by a set digged out of Gleichtakt brought by RuE9.


music for occupied parcs

Vandaag presenteren we de perfecte soundtrack bij het failiet van half Europa met muziek die recht evenredig is met de Eurozone: een beetje downtempo en herfstachtig met vallende bladeren. De playlist vind je hier.
Tegenwoordig heeft netwaves een G+ pagina: join the club here:



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Honour to Stadtgruen | Nature

For the second hour xtatic digged deep in his virtual bags to honour the German netlabel Stadtgruen. The people behind the label decided to stop activities after a 2,5yr period of hibernation…
Between january 2004 and may 2008 they brought the world 45 releases spread over the subs 'Nature' and 'Culture'
RuE9 selected the more chilly, housy ones from 'Nature'
Ofcourse the releases stay available on their site (for now) and on 'archive' (forever!). Playlist can be found here…

Greetz in Beatz,

netwaves.bpm Re-Issue, Last edition: Contrasts

This week 's the last week of the 2010-2011 season on Radio Scorpio!
In the last netwaves.bpm Re-Issue series we focus on contrasts:

23hr-00hr: Uptempo, Breaks, DnB,…
'Music for your Foodburning Pleasure', mixed by Indip, ft tracks from the catalogues of Planet Terror Records, No Logo (sub of Sojus Records Networks International Netlabel), Toucan Music, Kreislauf.Organization, iD.EOLOGY.

00hr-01hr: Downtempo, Chill, Dub…
'Some Fragments of Passages' mixed by Jasper Nijsmans (aka jspr). Enjoy tracks of the 'Passage' & 'Fragment' department of FUSELab.

So from now of we can celebrate 5yrs netwaves! and we'll do it with a big party on the 19th of november in Leuven… More details very soon!
Grtz 'n Beatz,