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>>> Dinsdag 20/05 (20u): interview met Räpe Blossoms (nieuwe plaat!)
>>> Dinsdag 27/05 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Slint (04/06 in Trix)
>>> Dinsdag 03/06 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Wooden Shjips (05/06 in Magasin 4)
>>> Dinsdag 17/06 (20u): interview 20 jaar Magasin 4
>>> Dinsdag 24/06 (20u): halfjaaroverzicht

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Interview met BRNS

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Interview met If These Trees Could Talk

Interview met The Samuel Jackson Five

Interview en live-sessie Flying Horseman

Interview met New Bleeders

Miasma & The Carousel of Headless Horses – Perilous Fathoms (Perils)
Black Mountain – Mary Lou (Year Zero-soundtrack)
The Megaphonic Thrift – Tune Your Mind (The Megaphonic Thrift)
New Bleeders – Horses (New Bleeders)
New Bleeders – Words to the Wise (New Bleeders)
New Bleeders – Reality Ripper (New Bleeders)
Drive like Jehu – If It Kills You (Drive like Jehu)
Big’N – Godawful (Dying Breed-verzamelaar)


Interview met Peter Kernel

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Het beste van 2011: mix voor Gonzo (circus)

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Beluister hier deel 2:


Jaaroverzicht - Top 15 van 2011

1. Grails – Deep Politics
2. Russian Circles - Empros
3. Shels – Plains of the Purple Buffalo
4. Steven Wilson – Grace for Drowning
5. Young Widows – In and out of Youth and Lightness
6. The Psychic Paramount – II
7. Glorie – Glorie
8. Sgt. – Birthday
9. Peter Kernel – White Death Black Heart
10. Black Spires - - -
11. Bluebridge the Quartet – Bluebridge the Quartet
12. Mamiffer – Mare Decendrii
13. Vessels - Helioscope
14. Esmerine - La Lechuza
15. Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will


Mini-releases: BRNS, Oxes en Big’N

Heruitgave: Bitch Magnet


Keuze van de technieker: Steak Number Eight


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Het programma

"This radio show plays guitar records that stand out in creativity, extreme power or intense beauty."

De Geluidsarchitect gaat op zoek naar De Andere Gitaar... Organische soundscapes, magistrale gitaaruithalen, noise, opbouw, aandacht voor detail, gitaargekte, repetitiviteit of van de hak op de tak, en bloedmooie, veelgelaagde melodieën. Veel strofes en refreinen zult u niet aantreffen in dit programma.

Kwamen al interviewgewijs aan bod: 31 Knots, 65 Days of Static, The Album Leaf, Apse, Arab Strap, Battles, Berg Sans Nipple, Black Heart Procession, Caspian, Crippled Black Phoenix, Damon Che (Don Caballero), David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol, Codeine, Bastro), Do Make Say Think, Doug Scharin (Him, Rex, June of 44), Dreamend, Early Day Miners, Enablers, Explosions in the Sky, Fly Pan Am, Girls against Boys, God Is an Astronaut, Grails, Hangedup, If These Trees Could Talk, I Like Trains, Isis, Karate, Kokomo, Kong, Magyar Posse, Maybeshewill, Migala, Mono, Neurosis, Ostinato, Oxes, The Paper Chase, Pelican, Peter Kernel, Pinback, Red Sparowes, Rothko, Russian Circles, Salvatore, Samuel Jackson Five,Scraps of Tape, Sleeping People, Tarentel, This Will Destroy You, Todd, Tortoise, We vs Death, Zu,...

Belgische gasten: A December Lake, Agents in Panama, BRNS, Cecilia Eyes, Dead Souls, De Portables, Flipo Mancini, Flying Horseman, Grim, Guernica, Hitch, Klunen, Motek, Musth, New Bleeders, Pentark, Starfield Season, Sweek, Tomàn, Transit, Willo the Wisp, Wixel,...

L'architecte sonore 1.0: Runderground (Ben Hageman, Radio Universitaire Namuroise)
L'architecte sonore 2.0: Wim Maesschalck (Wixel, Guernica)
L'architecte sonore 3.0: Pentark (Spank Me More)
L'architecte sonore 4.0: Casse Brique (Honest House)

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zo 10 februari 2008 - 01:24
1. Scraps of Tape - This Is A Copy Is This A Copy
2. Grails - Burning Off Impurities
3. Maserati - Inventions For The New Season
4. Shels - Sea Of The Dying Dhow
5. I Like Trains - Elegies To Lessons Learnt
6. Hurtmold - Mestro
7. 65 Days of Static - The Destruction Of Small Ideas
8. Neurosis - Given To The Rising
9. Piano Magic - Part Monster
10. If These Trees Could Talk – If These Trees Could Talk
11. Explosions in the Sky - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
12. Do Make Say Think - You, You're a History in Rust
13. SDNMT – The Goal Is to Make the Animals Happy
14. Caspian – The Four Trees
15. God Is an Astronaut - Far From Refuge
za 10 februari 2007 - 01:24
1. Isis - In the Absence of Truth
2. Tone- Solidarity
3. Envy - Insomniac Doze
4. Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines toward the Red Sun
5. Lower Forty-Eight - Apertures
6. Don Caballero - World Class Listening Problem
7. Motek - Motek
8. Battles - EPC / B EP
9. Enablers - Output Negative Space
10. We vs Death - We too Are Concerned / We Are too Concerned
11. Cougar - Law
12. Mogwai - Mr. Beast
13. I Like Trains - Progress – Reform
14. Gregor Samsa - 55:12
15. Couch - Figur 5
vr 10 februari 2006 - 01:24
1. 65 Days of Static - The Fall of Math
3. Dreamend - As if by Ghosts
4. Tristeza - A Colores
5. Shipping News - Flies the Fields
6. 65 Days of Static - One Time for All Time
7. Arab Strap - The Last Romance
8. Scraps of Tape - Read between the Lines at All Times
9. Red Sparowes - At the Soundless Dawn
10. Pelican – The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
11. Sweek – The Unbelievable Cinematic Crash
12. Kinski – Alpine Static
13. Sennen – Widows
14. Hrsta – Stem Stem in Electro
15. Camping – Dancing Days