inoQuo is the project born at 2005 in Barcelona whose spirit is to be a platform to let know new talents around the world, dedicating mainly to electronic abstraction and minimal techno. They share all their releases for free download using Creative Commons licenses and make a collaboration network between artists from different disciplines.
Antiritmo is a Spanish project born in 2006 whose main intention is to promote and distribute the work of new artists without any economic or commercial purpose.
Enjoy! RuE9


2Night is MUFF-time!
We're serving a double MUFF-dish this evening
This week their latest release 'Travel EP' (what's in a name this time of the year!) comes out and to celebrate this we present you a mix from Collogne the first hour folowed by a live set from Dektro…
DL the latest release @


Neubau and Deep-X by RuE9

Deze avond brengen we twee mixen van ons eigen huis dj-collectief RuE9.
Tot 12 uur een aaneenrijging van nummers uit de catalogus van Neubau Records.
Baldwin heeft voor u een uur lang de beste releases geselecteerd en gemixt, vanaf 12 uur neemt Xtatic het over. Hij put zijn inspiratie vanavond uit het welbekende Deep-X Records.

netwaves.bpm – Calm|Madness|Tears|Anger

Not much words today…

Music translates emotions…

Electrosoundsystem is the translator of the first hour, Italobusiness does the second hour…

From Hungary, ElectroSoundSystem:

From Italy, italobusiness:


netwaves.bpm – The Demon Slayers

2night on a double-sided scizzo dish: Shoki-recordings.
Shoki-recordings is a sub-label from our much appreciated Deep-X, both originated in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Shoki-Recordings is the more experimental side of Yekaterinburg and also verry scizzo, RuE9 brings the first our an techno/minimal/techhouse-set compiled out of the main catalogue from Shoki followed by an ambient-set the second our. This time compiled out of the sub-series catalogue.
Expect the unexpected
23hr-00hr: Sit back, relax and move your innerbody…
00hr-01hr: Sit back, relax and FLY…

netwaves.bpm cut up

2Night: RuE9 cut-up!
Zowel de R als de E van nemen een uurtje voor hun rekening vanavond.

Tussen 23u & 00u en selectie van de beste tracks uit de catalogus van het Mexicaanse Kreativa netlabel (
Expect some deep variating hypnotic driving vibes!

Vanaf 00u een schoteltje bigbeat, minimal, house en aanverwanten… kortom E's Eclectica!